Aid A Veteran
Veteran and Homeless Should Never Be In The Same Sentence.
Help the Helpless
Local veterans have fallen on hard times. We believe in keeping the family together by assisting with rent, utilities, clothing and food.
Our Mission

We Help Veterans By:

  • Aiding in utility and housing assistance.

  • Providing clothing, food, and transportation to Chattanooga and the Athens VA Clinic .
  • Seeking  employment opportunities with local businesses.
  • Helping combat and non-combat veterans.
Starting June 1st VFW 2598 Cleveland TN
Beginning at 7PM until 9PM all ladies 21 and over will recieve free addmission to music and shows every Friday! $5 cover, party begins at 8PM and ends at midnight! Beer and alcohol is available for purchase. Our first band will be on June 15
Hear what others have to say:
  1. Dustin Martin
    Aid A Veteran is a Godsend. Billy and Shane helped me more than they will ever they kept me from being evicted and being without electricity and water, my family appreciates everything they have done for us again thank you all at Aid a Veteran for what you do and God Bless you all.
  2. Cherie Nations
    Aid A Veteran is a wonderful group. They actually get out and try to find Vets to help. This is what is needed because not all veterans will actually ask for the help they need. Thanks Aid A Veteran for the work you do!
  3. Jason Walkowiak and Family
    I just want to let everyone know that after I exhausted all of my options with finding help for my electric and rent that was past due, that Aid A Veteran was the only group locally to stand up and help a fellow veteran. Thanks to them, my family is no longer struggling as bad as we were. Not only did they help with my bills, but were also kind enough to give me a weekend job so that I can help other veterans in the position that I was once in. Thank you, Aid A Veteran, for everything. I now have a lot more dignity thanks to you guys!!!!